Working For Change

Are you working to RENEW DEMOCRACY? Could COMPELLING VIDEO advance the narrative, inform the public and change the game?

Do you need engagement STRATEGY and PRODUCTION RESOURCES?

The Working for Change Video Project is supported by a foundation grant that enables Public Square to partner with people and organizations working to renew democracy. The goal is to provide both the resources and the expertise to produce compelling video along with strategies to use this media to educate and inform the public. We invite you to apply to the Request for Proposals.

Working for Change is focused on non-partisan approaches to:

  • Mass incarceration, its social impact, and strategies for social justice
  • The integrity of America‚Äôs democratic process and issues such as voter suppression, gerrymandering, voter disenfranchisement, campaign finance reform
  • Immigration policy and how it impacts the ideals of American democracy
  • Education reform that ensures quality and access
  • Healthcare that provides access to quality services

Application deadline: January 15, 2019

Download RFP Application

Public Square will execute six projects in the year ahead. The media projects will vary in length and format based on the strategic goals and distribution opportunities. Our investment in each project will depend on the potential audience reach and measureable impact.

Review Process

All applications will be reviewed by Public Square staff in consultation with subject matter experts. We will follow up with finalists to explore the potential for impact described in the proposal submitted. The final projects will emerge from this collaborative process.

Complete the Request for Proposals Application and submit by January 15, 2019.

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