This site is posted for archival purposes. Public Square Media is no longer in business.


Here’s how we can help you.

Public Square combines production, communications and engagement leadership in one shop. Then we build a customized team to deliver powerful impact for each project we undertake, whether the work to be done is soup to nuts or à la carte.

Video and audio production services

We’re professional journalists and storytellers. We produce long- and short-form journalism for broadcast and web distribution and can manage every stage of the process—budgeting and proposal writing, legal review, production, post-production, and distribution. We can supervise a production from beginning to end or complement your efforts to produce a high-quality product, on-budget and on-schedule.

Campaign strategy, branding and messaging

It’s easy to get lost in the weeds, especially when you know your issue so well. Public Square will take a step back, define your strategy, create a memorable brand, and sharpen your message.

Partner recruitment and engagement

The idea is to grow your reach to build your impact. Public Square is skilled at identifying potential partners and engaging them to align with your campaign strategy to amplify impact.

Social and traditional media campaigns

Time to make some noise. If you need help to get your message out, we can work with you to create a social footprint and curate posts. Or go after those radio, TV and print placements that will elevate your issue and your campaign.

Website content and design

If tech and visuals are not your strength, Public Square can help you look good while effectively sharing your issue expertise and advancing your campaign goals. We can write, design and build your web presence. And create printed materials for direct distribution.

Impact events

There is no substitute for face to face. People need to gather to learn, to question, to inspire and to make plans for action. Public Square has produced hundreds of events at conferences, on campuses, at houses of worship, and professional associations.