This site is posted for archival purposes. Public Square Media is no longer in business.

Who we are

Public Square is a non-profit media company working for a better future, through journalism and collaboration.

We cut our teeth creating powerful, game-changing multimedia projects to help the public understand issues and ideas vital to our democracy.

Judy Doctoroff

Executive Producer and President
What motivates me? The belief that we all need to do what we can to help repair the world and correct the deep injustices around us.

Judy has supervised the production, promotion and distribution of over 700 hours of public affairs programming, along with the complementary web, social media, educational and community outreach campaigns. During her prior tenure as President of Public Affairs Television, Judy worked closely with Bill and Judith Moyers and was the Executive Producer of many PBS series including Close to Home, On Our Own Terms, Faith and Reason, and Moyers & Company. The work received Emmy Awards, a duPont-Columbia Gold Baton Award, an RFK Human Rights Award and numerous other distinctions. Now Judy is leading Public Square to continue that legacy of excellence while developing new strategies to report the news through the prism of American values, bringing fresh thinking to new audiences, and introducing important voices into our American public square.

Colby Kelly

Vice President, Impact
I always start with big. Why think small? Breaking out of silos to engage diverse partners can amplify reach to millions.

Colby has spent 30 years creating marketing communications campaigns for organizations and ideas that contribute to a healthier and more just society. Prior to joining Public Square Media, she was a founding principal of Kelly & Salerno Communications, for ten years one of the leading marketing and engagement agencies serving documentary filmmakers creating television for PBS and cable. Previously, Colby was Director of Strategic Communications at Thirteen/WNET, and started K&S Communications to expand her work with cutting-edge filmmakers to align video, web, publicity, advertising and organizational partnerships. Colby has rolled out dozens of campaigns reaching tens of millions of viewers. She has particular expertise in framing public health issues including mental illness, substance abuse, Alzheimer’s disease, gun violence, obesity, end-of-life care, and aging in America. At Public Square, Colby is now working directly with filmmakers to shape storytelling that can help drive civic engagement and forming partnerships to bring these ideas to the public.

Public Square is an engine of collaboration. Because we use the rapidly expanding menu of video and digital formats to create content, we build the ideal team for every project. These are some of the talented producers, directors, writers, editors, social curators, engagement experts, and designers that we have worked with on recent projects. The full list of project credits is below.

The Right to Vote

Producers: Andrew Fredericks, Marley Cogan
Editor: Andrew Fredericks
Production Manager: Katia Maguire
Executive Producers: Judy Doctoroff O’Neill

Faith in Action

Producer: Titi Yu
Editor: Andrew Fredericks
Production Assistant: Cadeem Gibbs
Executive Producers: Judy Doctoroff O’Neill, Colby Kelly

After Rikers: Justice by Design

Producer: Pamela Mason Wagner
Associate Producer: Marley Cogan
Editor: Andrew Fredericks
Additional Editor: Sikay Tang
Impact Producer: Bryant Silva
Production Manager: Katia Maguire
Executive Producers: Judy Doctoroff O’Neill, Colby Kelly


Producer: Pamela Mason Wagner
Associate Producer: Bethany Dereje
Associate Producer/Research: Jessie Beauchaine
Editor: Mary Ann Toman
Engagement: Debbie Rubenstein
Executive Producers: Judy Doctoroff O’Neill, Sally Roy

Ending Mass Incarceration Toolkit

Producer and Writer: Colby Kelly
Design: Jon Kalish
Research: Bryant Silva
Additional Writer: Karin Kamp
Copyeditor: Lisa Porter
Executive editor: Judy Doctoroff O’Neill


Producer: Titi Yu
Associate Producer: Ali Levin
Editor: Andrew Fredericks
Executive Producer: Judy Doctoroff O’Neill

The Meaning of a Monument

Director and Producer: Reniqua Allen
Editor: Rebecca Sherwood
Associate Producers: Ali Levin, Reed Penney
Additional Editor: Sikay Tang, Sheila Shirazi
Post Producer: Katia Maguire
Executive Producers: Judy Doctoroff O’Neill, Sally Roy

RIKERS: An American Jail

Produced by: Marc Levin, Mark Benjamin
Producer: Rolake Bamgbose
Editor: Jason Pollard
Additional Editors: James Lester, Ema Ryan Yamazaki
Line Producer: Kara Rozansky
Co-Producers: Jackson Devereux, John Maidman
Engagement: Colby Kelly, Su Patel
Site Design: Jon Kalish
Executive Producer: Judy Doctoroff O’Neill

Everything We Know About Russia and President Trump Timeline

Writer: Steven Harper
Writer & Producer: Theresa Riley & John Light

AGAINST ALL ODDS: The Fight for a Black Middle Class

Produced & Written by Bob Herbert
Producer: Tom Casciato
Field Producer: Reniqua Allen
Archival Producer: Sam Aleshinloye
Associate Producer: Karim Hajj
Editors: Sikay Tang, Emir Lewis
Executive Producer: Sally Roy

#MeToo, Now What?

Executive Editor: Zainab Salbi
Executive Producer: Gina Kim
Co-Executive Producer: Suzanne Hayward
Creative Director: Ahmer Kalam
Producers: Titi Yu, Colleen Dunnegan
Field Producer: Amy Martinez
Associate Producers: Jeff Dye, Sam Epstein
Editors: Sikay Tang, Donna Marino
Executive in Charge: Robert Clauser
Production Executives: Judy Doctoroff O’Neill, Sally Roy

Managing Editor: Bill Moyers
Director of Digital Content and Strategy: Theresa Riley
Senior Writer: Michael Winship
Writer & Producer: Gail Ablow
Writer & Producer: Karin Kamp
Writer & Producer: John Light
Senior Producer: Kristin Miller
Copy Editor: Lisa Porter
Associate Producer: Jessica Ramirez Calderon
Researcher & Contributing Writer: Susannah Jacob
Video Editor: Corey Abel
Executive Producer: Judy Doctoroff O’Neill

Faith & Justice

Host & Executive Editor: Jacqueline Lewis
Producer: Titi Yu
Associate Producer: Christina Fleming
Editors: Kimberly Tomes, Sikay Tang
Executive Producer: Judy Doctoroff O’Neill

Redefining Rivalries

Producer: Jessica Wang
Sandblast: Loren Toolajian, Peter Viola.
Executive Producer: Sally Roy